Best Beachbody Workouts Without Weights For Beginners (2024)

Are you starting your fitness journey and looking to get in shape without weights or hitting the gym? 

I have good news! 

With Beachbody workouts, you can kickstart your fitness journey right from home, using only your own body weight.

In this post, I’ll discuss my top picks for Beachbody workouts without weights for beginners in 2023. 

Let’s Dive in!

What Are The Benefits of Beachbody Workouts Without Weights?

Working out without weights is a great starting point, especially for beginners. You can achieve outstanding results by using your body weight or simple equipment like resistance bands and a yoga mat. 

This approach is not only safer but also helps to build lean muscle and improve flexibility. 

Plus, with Beachbody’s on-demand programs, you can choose a workout routine that fits your schedule, no matter how much time you have to spare.

Why Choose Beachbody Workouts?

Beachbody’s workouts are designed by experienced personal trainers like Autumn Calabrese, Tony Horton, and Joel Freeman, ensuring a balanced workout routine. 

These workouts combine resistance training, martial arts, yoga, and more to target various muscle groups and provide full-body exercise.  

Plus, with live streaming access to Beachbody’s on-demand workouts, you can access your favorite programs anytime and anywhere – at home, in a hotel room, or at the park.

Beachbody On Demand also offers personalized nutrition plans tailored to your fitness goals and meal plans for weight loss or muscle building. 

With these tools, creating a sustainable diet that will help you reach your goals faster is easy. 

Here Are Our Top 13 Picks For Beachbody Workouts Without Weights for Beginners in 2024!

Beachbody offers a variety of workouts that are perfect for beginners. Many of these workouts require no weights and instead focus on using your own body weight for resistance, making them ideal for home workouts.

Beachbody Workouts Without Weights

1. Insanity Max 30

Insanity Max 30 is an intense Beachbody on Demand program that pushes your limits and delivers impressive results. With Shaun T as your trainer, you’ll embark on a 2-month journey of heart-pounding cardio and supercharged strength workouts.

Here’s the best part: no fancy equipment or weights are needed. Just 30 minutes a day for a full-body workout that burns fat, boosts endurance and transforms your physique.

And guess what? You can stream these epic workout videos from the comfort of your own home through Beachbody on Demand. They provide a quick start guide, workout calendar, and FAQs for your success.

Ready to take your fitness game to the next level and crush your limits? Join Shaun T in the Insanity Max 30 program on Beachbody on Demand. Embrace the challenge and watch those results soar!

Pros and Cons

  • Burns calories quickly.
  • Builds muscle and strength.
  • Improves cardiovascular health.
  • Very intense.
  • High Impact.

2. Country Heat

Country Heat is a Beachbody on Demand program that can be done almost anywhere and does not require any weights or equipment.

Led by master trainer Autumn Calabrese, this workout uses dance moves to get your heart rate up and help you burn fat and calories. 

Low-impact but still high energy, Country Heat has routines for all levels – from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts. It’s a great way to get in shape without relying on heavy weights and complex machines.

Pros and Cons

  • No prior dance experience is required.
  • Variety of workouts.
  • Modification routines provided.
  • High impact.
  • Less challenging.

3. Barre Blend

Barre Blend on Beachbody on Demand is an excellent option for beginners looking to ease into exercise for the entire body. 

Bare Blend is a 6-week barre workout program on Beachbody on Demand led by Elise Joan. The program is designed to help you burn calories, tone your muscles, and improve your flexibility without any weights.

The Bare Blend program is an excellent workout for beginners because it is easy to follow and does not require any prior experience with barre. Elise Joan provides modifications for all exercises so you can start at a comfortable level and gradually increase the difficulty as you get stronger.

The program does not require any weights or other equipment. All you need is a mat and some space to move around.

Barre Blend focuses on muscular strength and endurance rather than relying heavily on weights, making it perfect for those new to fitness and wanting a gentle introduction to exercise. 

Pros and Cons

  • Has low-impact modifications.
  • Short workouts (30-45 minutes).
  • Variety of workouts.
  • It can be repetitive.
  • It may not be challenging enough for some.

4. Core de Force

Core de Force is another excellent exercise program on Beachbody on Demand, designed by professional fitness trainers Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews. 

The Core de Force program provides intense cardio and bodyweight exercises to help you build strength and endurance without needing heavy weights.

With multiple difficulty levels, this program can provide a great workout regardless of your experience level. 

Beginners will benefit from the low-impact movements and modifications that this program offers and the ability to go at their own pace and gradually increase intensity as they become more advanced. 

This program is perfect for those just starting out with exercise or those looking for a challenging workout without relying on bulky equipment.

Pros and Cons

  • Fun and motivating.
  • A variety of workouts.
  • Burns calories quickly.
  • High Impact.
  • Can be hard on the joints.

5. PiYo

PiYo is another program on Beachbody on demand, led by world-renowned trainer Chalene Johnson. 

This program combines the best of Pilates and yoga to create a low-impact total body workout. The fitness regimen focuses on building strength and improving flexibility while emphasizing low-impact movements that are easy on the joints. 

With multiple progressive difficulty levels, PiYo can accommodate any fitness level, from beginner to advanced athlete. 

Beginners will appreciate the ability to go at their own pace while still challenging themselves and building their strength and endurance over time without relying on weights or bulky equipment. 

PiYo also incorporates some cardio elements into its exercises for those looking for an added challenge in their workouts.

Pros and Cons

  • Low-impact.
  • Sculpts and tones muscles.
  • Improves flexibility.
  • It’s not challenging enough for some people.
  • It can be repetitive.

6. Let’s Get Up

Let’s Get Up from Beachbody on Demand is an excellent program for those looking to increase their strength, flexibility, and mobility. 

Hosted by trainer and yoga instructor Ceasar F. Barajas, Let’s Get Up offers an intense yet low-impact workout that anyone can do without relying on weights or bulky equipment. 

Through dynamic exercises combining elements of Pilates, strength training, and yoga, this program will help you strengthen your core while increasing your flexibility.

It also incorporates some cardio elements to give you an even better workout.

The program is designed for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. Beginners will appreciate the ability to go at their own pace while still challenging themselves as they progressively build up their strength and endurance over time. 

With multiple progressive levels of difficulty, everyone can find something that works for them and reap the benefits of this unique Pilates-yoga fusion exercise routine. 

Pros and Cons

  • Variety of workouts.
  • Short workouts (30 minutes).
  • Fun and motivating.
  • It can be repetitive.
  • It can be hard on the joints if proper form is compromised.

7. Insanity

Beachbody’s Insanity program is one of the most popular workouts among Beachbody on Demand users. 

Led by trainer Shaun T, this workout will challenge even the fittest athletes. The program combines cardio and plyometric drills with strength, power, resistance, and core training intervals. It is designed to provide an intense but no-weights workout that will help you reach your peak physical condition quickly and safely.

Insanity is also perfect for anyone looking to get into shape, as it can be adapted to any fitness level.

Beginners can start with a modified workout version, gradually learning the moves and building their strength over time. 

Pros and Cons

  • Burns calories quickly.
  • Builds muscle and strength.
  • Short workouts.
  • High-intensity levels.
  • It can be hard on the joints for some.

8. Cize

Cize is a dance-based program from Beachbody on Demand, led by renowned choreographer and trainer Shaun T. It features easy-to-follow dance routines with high-energy music, and no two workouts are the same. 

With Cize you’ll be dancing your way to fitness without ever having to step foot in a gym or lift a weight. This workout is perfect for beginners, as it can be easily modified and levels up as your skills and strength improve. 

The fun, upbeat music, and creative moves make this program an enjoyable way to get into shape quickly!

Pros and Cons

  • Fun and Challenging.
  • No equipment is needed.
  • Short workouts.
  • High impact.
  • It can be hard on the knees.

9. Focus T25

Focus T25 is a 10-week high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program on Beachbody on Demand that is perfect for beginners and anyone looking for a great workout without weights.

Each workout is only 25 minutes long, but it is packed with intense exercises to help you burn calories, build muscle, and improve your overall fitness.

The program is led by Shaun T, a famous Beachbody Super Trainer known for his challenging and effective workouts. However, Focus T25 is a beginner-friendly program designed to help you get started with HIIT.

This program requires no weights and is especially ideal for beginners as it has an easy learning curve and can be modified as your skills improve. 

With Focus T25, you’ll get a full-body workout in just 25 minutes per session. It’s perfect for those with busy schedules who want to squeeze in a quick yet effective workout to stay fit. The high-energy music and creative moves make this program an enjoyable way to get into shape quickly!

Pros and Cons

  • Beginner-Friendly.
  • No weights are needed.
  • Short, efficient workouts.
  • Very intense.
  • It can be repetitive.

10. Controlled Stretch

Controlled Stretch is a 9-week stretch program hosted on Beachbody on Demand, taught by fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese. 

This program focuses on stretching and strength-building with bodyweight exercises, which makes it ideal for beginners who don’t have access to weights. 

It also includes calming music and slow-paced moves, making it great for relaxation and recovery. With Controlled Stretch, you’ll learn to breathe properly during your workout, increase your flexibility, and become stronger without lifting weights.

Pros and Cons

  • No weights or equipment are needed.
  • Short workouts.
  • Experienced, motivational trainer.
  • Not challenging.
  • It can be repetitive.

11. 3-Week Yoga Retreat

The 3-week Yoga Retreat program on Beachbody on Demand is the perfect yoga journey for those who want to kick-start their practice. 

The program is led by renowned yoga instructor Elise Joan, who combines creative sequencing with upbeat music and breath-focused moves. This program lets you experience an entire yoga journey in just three weeks. 

Perfect for beginners, this program does not require any weights and will help you build strength as you go. With mindful movements, each class develops your flexibility and balance while helping you cultivate mental clarity. Elise Joan’s unique approach will allow you to get the most out of your practice in just 21 days!

Pros and Cons

  • Experienced Instructor.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Accessible anytime.
  • Not very challenging.
  • It can seem repetitive.

12. Beachbody Yoga Studio

The Beachbody Yoga Studio program offers users an effective and efficient yoga journey. Discuss Beachbody Yoga Studio and how it is helpful for beginners on their weight loss journey.

Beachbody Yoga Studio is an excellent program for those just starting out on their weight loss journey. The program offers an effective and efficient yoga experience to help you reach your goals quickly and safely. With Beachbody Yoga Studio, you’ll get access to guided audio and visual classes led by expert instructors, along with nutrition tips and advice to help

The program combines creative sequencing with upbeat music and breath-focused moves focusing on mindful movements to help develop flexibility and balance. 

Beginners will benefit from this program as it does not require weights and can help build strength while cultivating mental clarity. 

With each class progressing your practice, you can experience a complete yoga journey in three weeks.

Pros and Cons

  • Variety of classes.
  • Experienced instructors
  • Work out anytime and anywhere.
  • Limited live classes.
  • Must learn proper form for the best results.

13. Just Bring Your Body

Just Bring Your Body (JBYB) is a 60-day bodyweight workout program on Beachbody on Demand. It is designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, and improve your fitness without needing weights or other equipment.

JBYB is an excellent program for beginners because it starts slowly and gradually progresses in difficulty. The workouts are also relatively short, lasting only 30 minutes each. This makes it easy to fit the activities into your busy schedule.

Each JBYB workout includes a mix of cardio, strength training, and core work. The cardio exercises are designed to burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health. The strength training exercises are designed to build muscle and strength. The core work exercises are designed to strengthen your core muscles, which can improve your posture and balance.

JBYB is a challenging workout, but it is also gratifying.

Many people who have completed the program have reported seeing significant results in their weight loss, muscle gain, and overall fitness.

Pros and Cons

  • No weights or equipment are needed.
  • You’ll have a variety of different workouts to choose from.
  • It’s an affordable solution to achieve great results
  • Basic movements that may become repetitive.
  • Proper form is required to avoid injury.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions about Beachbody Workouts Without Weights!

Not at all! Many of Beachbody on Demand’s workout programs, like Insanity Max 30 and PiYo, don’t need weights. These workouts use your body weight for resistance, giving you a challenging and effective workout.

Absolutely! Bodyweight exercises can be efficient for building strength and muscle. It’s all about how you perform the activities and the intensity you bring to your workouts.

Most Beachbody on Demand programs suggest working out 5-6 days a week, but it ultimately depends on the program and your fitness level and goals. Always listen to your body and rest as needed.

No worries, we’ve all been there. Many Beachbody on Demand programs offer modifications for beginners or those with physical limitations. Remember, the key is consistency and progress, not perfection.

You bet! Combining different workouts can help prevent boredom and keep your fitness routine balanced. Just make sure to give your body ample recovery time.

Yes, indeed! Beachbody on Demand believes in a holistic approach to health and fitness. Most programs come with a nutrition guide to help you fuel your body correctly for the workouts and beyond.

Wrapping it Up.

Beachbody workouts offer numerous benefits. They’re convenient, effective, and can be tailored to your fitness level. With programs like Insanity Max: 30, Country Heat, and Barre Blend, you can achieve weight loss, improved strength, and better overall fitness. 

These workouts are versatile, fitting into any schedule and location – ideal for those with busy lifestyles.

For added intensity, consider complementing your Beachbody program with high-intensity anaerobic workouts that can be done simultaneously. This combination will elevate the rigor of your fitness routine.

Starting a fitness routine can be daunting, especially if you’re a beginner. However, with Beachbody workouts, you can ease into fitness at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, and without the need for weights. 

Starting a fitness journey can initially feel overwhelming, but trust me, it’s worth it! With the right program and guidance, you’ll be amazed at how rewarding it can be. Luckily, Beachbody’s got your back with their weightless workouts that are perfect for beginners like us. So, a Beachbody program is correct whether you’re into resistance training, cardio, or both.

Listen, the most important thing is to start.

Pick a program that speaks to you, stick to the meal plan, commit to your workouts, and watch as your body transforms and you smash those fitness goals! 

It’s time to kickstart your journey with Beachbody!

Let’s do this together!

Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program. Happy exercising!

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